Are Jelly-Like Blood Clots During Your Period “Normal”?

Blood clots during your period are caused by the shedding of the uterine lining. As the lining sheds, it can cause the blood to clot. This is a normal part of the menstrual cycle and is nothing to be concerned about. However, if the clots are large or accompanied by other symptoms, it could be a sign of a more serious condition.

11 Cheap Sunglasses You Won’t Mind Throwing in Your Bag

The Best Beach Blankets for Sand-Free Picnics by the Shore

When it comes to beach blankets, there are a few different types to choose from. The most popular type is the traditional beach blanket, which is usually made of a lightweight, water-resistant material. These blankets are great for picnics, as they can be easily folded up and stored away when not in use. Another popular type of beach blanket is the sand-free blanket, which is designed to keep sand from sticking to the blanket. These blankets are usually made of a special material that repels sand, making them perfect for picnics by the shore.

Can You Refreeze Chicken? When To Toss Your Defrosted Poultry

The answer to the question, 'Can you refreeze chicken?' is yes, you can refreeze chicken. However, it's important to note that the quality of the chicken may be affected. The texture of the chicken may become dry and the flavor may be diminished. It's also important to note that the chicken should be refrozen as soon as possible after it has been defrosted.

183 Snow and Winter Jokes That'll Have You Singing, 'Do You Want To Build A Snowman?'

What did the snowman say to the other snowman? Do you smell carrots?

Senior Pictures Are In! 85+ Captions Perfect For Sharing on Social Media

If you’re looking for a funny caption for your senior pictures, these are sure to make your friends and family laugh.

255+ Hilarious Jokes For Kids That Adults Find Funny Too

Kids love to laugh and joke around, so why not give them some funny jokes to make them giggle? Here are some of the funniest jokes for kids that will have them rolling on the floor with laughter:

Have You Heard Of Squishmallows? Turns Out, Kids Are Obsessed

Squishmallows are soft, plush toys that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are made from a super soft material that is perfect for cuddling and snuggling. Squishmallows come in a variety of colors and designs, making them perfect for any child’s bedroom or playroom. They are also machine washable, making them easy to keep clean.

43 Quotes About Gaslighting To Help You Recognize and Break Away From Emotional Abuse

1. “Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse where false information is presented with the intent of making a victim doubt their own memory, perception, and sanity.” – Unknown

Can You Use Retinol While Breastfeeding?

The Best Vacuum Seal Bags For Getting Your Linen Closet Under Control

There are several types of vacuum seal bags available on the market. The most common types are:

How to Disarm a Narcissist: 30+ Phrases to Use

Narcissists can be hard to deal with. They often have an inflated sense of self-importance and can be manipulative. It can be difficult to stay in control when dealing with a narcissist, but there are ways to protect yourself. Here are 30+ phrases to use to disarm a narcissist when you can't avoid them.

1920s Slang Words and Phrases: The Cat's Pajamas

1920s slang was a way for people to express themselves in a more creative and colorful way. It was a way to show off their wit and intelligence. Slang words and phrases were often used to describe people, places, and things. They were also used to describe emotions and feelings. Some of the most popular slang words and phrases from the 1920s include 'the cat's pajamas,' 'the bee's knees,' and 'the real McCoy.'

23 Easy Kalimba Songs for Kids to Play

The Kalimba is a traditional African instrument that is also known as a thumb piano. It is a small wooden box with metal keys that are plucked with the thumbs. The sound is beautiful and soothing, and it is easy to learn how to play.

Understanding Narcissism: The Best Books to Read

Narcissism is a personality disorder that can have a significant impact on relationships. It is characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, a need for admiration, and a lack of empathy for others. People with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) often have difficulty forming and maintaining meaningful relationships. If you are looking to gain a better understanding of narcissism and how to cope with it, reading books on the subject can be a great way to start.

50 Inspirational Cancer Quotes to Uplift Your Spirits

This quote reminds us that cancer is not the end of the world. It is a word, not a sentence. You can still live a full and meaningful life despite your diagnosis.

When Is It Time To Get A Divorce? 10+ Signs Your Marriage Is Already Over

If you and your partner no longer feel connected, it may be a sign that your marriage is over. If you don't feel like you can talk to your partner about your feelings or share your thoughts and experiences, it may be time to consider a divorce.

Keep Your Little One Entertained on Summer Road Trips with a Toy Steering Wheel

Virginity Is A Social Construct — But What Does That Mean?

Let It Rip With The Best Beyblade Toys (That Even Parents Think Are Pretty Cool)

The Beyblade Burst Turbo Slingshock Starter Pack is a great way to get started with Beyblade. This set includes two Beyblade Burst Slingshock tops, two Slingshock launchers, and a Slingshock Beystadium. The Slingshock tops feature a rail system that allows them to ride the rails of the Beystadium for intense head-to-head battles. The launchers also feature a special ripcord that can be used to launch the tops into battle.