Emotion Regulation of Others and Self

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Project Six: Emotion Regulation Interventions
Intervention studies will use findings from studies across the project to design brief, intensive multimodal interventions aimed at helping individuals regulate emotions: a) towards mental states associated with enhanced performance for personally important goals, and b) away from mental states associated with health problems (e.g., anxiety disorders, aggression).

Four types of intervention will be studied:
1) Translating helpful emotion-regulation strategies into automatic action through ‘implementation intentions (led by Pascal Sheeran)
2) Guided training in specific self-regulation strategies that are found to improve functioning (led by Andy Lane)
3) Enhancing coaching relationships by changing interpersonal regulation behaviours (led by Andy Lane)
4) Using techniques to enable people to generate their own emotion-regulation strategies and use them flexibly (led by Warren Mansell).


Research Staff on this Project

Andy Lane
Warren Mansell
Paschal Sheeran