Emotion Regulation of Others and Self

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Mansell, W. (2010). Bipolar Disorders. In A. Grant & M. Townend (Eds.), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Mental Health Care (2nd Ed.). Sage Publications.


This chapter describes an integrative cognitive model (ICM) of mood swings and bipolar disorders (Mansell, Morrison, Reid, Lowens, & Tai, 2007a). It has been developed to help formulate where clients present with problematic changes in mood. Many of these clients will already have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, but the model is not restricted to people with this diagnosis. The core features of the model will be described, and the core therapeutic approach explained and illustrated using a case example. The following sections of the chapter will focus on the distinction between a cognitive model of this kind, and a fundamental theory of psychological functioning, Perceptual Control Theory (PCT; Powers, 1973; 2005). This section will explain the relationship between the cognitive model and PCT, and then use the theory to provide greater insight into the multiple self-states and self-images that seem to characterise bipolar disorders. The chapter ends with an example of how the model and theory relate to clinical practice. 

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