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Totterdell, P., Holman, D., & Niven, K. (2012). Research agenda. In A. Bakker & K. Daniels (Eds.), A Day in the Life of a Happy Worker. Psychology Press.


This book as a whole is an edited collection bringing together some of the leading researchers in the study of the daily experience of work and daily well-being. The book covers both theoretical and methodological issues involved in studying workers’ well-being as it evolves on a daily basis.
The chapter contributed by EROS colleagues Peter Totterdell, David Holman and Karen Niven actually concludes the book. They present a retrospective look at both the other chapters in the book and research in the area, and outline some of the underpinning assumptions of research on daily well-being. The chapter also offers a prospective view on how the field may develop and why researching the daily experience of happiness, well-being, and related phenomena will remain a lively, important, and theoretically fruitful research area.

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