Emotion Regulation of Others and Self

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Dr. Ian Macdonald

Work Psychology, Sheffield University

Email Address
0114 222 6591
Project Role

Working on the occupational aspects of the project.
Project coordinator.
Project statistician.

Research Interests

Temporal factors at work

Example Publications

Tucker, P., Folkard, S., & Macdonald, I., 2003, Rest Breaks and Accident Risk, The Lancet, Vol 361, Issue 9358, Page 680.

Ward, H., Macdonald, I., Pinnock, M., & Skuse, T., 2003, Monitoring and improving outcomes for children in out-of-home care.  In Kufeldt, K., & Mackenzie, B., (eds). Child Welfare: Connecting Research, Policy and Practice.  Waterloo, Ontario:  Wilfrid Laurier Press.

Macdonald, I., Scott, H., Tyers, C., Smith, L., Tucker, P., & Folkard, S., 2001, The impact on sleep of shifts start times in 12 hour shift systems, In Hornberger S., Knauth P., Costa, G., & Folkard, S., (Eds), Shiftwork in the 21st century: challenges for research and practice, Peter lang, Frankfurt, Berlin, Bern, New York, Paris & Vienna.

Owens, D.S., Macdonald, I., Tucker, P., Sytnik, N., Totterdell, P., Minors, D., Waterhouse, J., & Folkard, S., 2000, Diurnal variations in the mood and performance of highly practised young women living under strictly controlled conditions, British Journal of Psychology, 91, 41-60.

Tucker, P.,  Smith, L., Macdonald, I., & Folkard, S., 2000, Effects of direction of rotation in continuous and discontinuous 8-hour shift systems, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 57, 678-684.

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