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We will be seeking volunteers to take part in our research studies.  Any information that you provide will be confidential to the EROS research team.  We will post links to our online questionnaires here.  Thanks for your help.

Anxiety: Enemy or Ally?

Most runners feel nervous before competition; that is normal. For some, these feelings of anxiety are de-motivating can be so strong as to make them not want to compete. For other people, anxiety is motivating; it’s an energizing experience and if they are not feeling anxious then they do not feel ready to race.

This study looks at methods of controlling anxiety and of getting into the best mental state to enhance performance. We will teach you how to use strategies to increase and reduce anxiety. After using the techniques, you will run a one-mile time trial on a running track. In total, you will run three one-mile time trials runs during the study. Testing will take place at the Walsall Campus at the University of Wolverhampton. If you are interested in taking part, please complete the online registration form below.

Anxiety: Enemy or Ally?

Watch a short presentation on the intervention we will use (this is hosted on youtube)

Watch a description of the study

Open an user-guide for the intervention

User-guide to anxiety control (Zipped XML Documents, 37KB)